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Top 5 Similar Games Like Simcity Buildit

Top 5 Simcity Buildit Alternative Games

simcity buildit alternatives

We know that the EA sport is evergreen game making company.  Electronic Arts are very famous, vast and highly reputed company in the gaming industry. They introduced an outstanding city building simulator game named as SimCity Buildit.

SimCity buildit is a simulation game, the player needs to play a role as a mayor of the city, and take a big decision to build and create an ideal smart city.  You are one of the men that solve intricate problems of the city and the game will really give an experience like this to the user. And become most popular city builder on the mobile games.

There are all things that are available in the hi-tech cities, are available in the SimCity buildit game, you just need to place it in the city at the right place and make your city comfortable and loving to your citizens.

Players also join the clubs of the mayors online and trade with them for some specific things, do contracts for some big projects, and so on. The developers of the game will also add one twist feature in the game and that is, players can battle with other cities and destroy them totally.

Create big and massive city, because, if your city has a huge amount of population, you can earn huge amount of service tax money from these citizens.

Don’t mix residential areas within industrial. When you build separate residential, industrial, dump garbage area from each other and build them at a distance from each other, it will helpful for your city. Try to give perfect fire station and police station service to citizens.

The main currency in the game is simoleons it will be used to buy the services like water, fire, and power. You can buy the special building and parks for the city; you can also buy the simoleons and simcash or can follow our tips and tricks to get them for free.

Top 5 games like SimCity buildit

  1. Townsmen

The townsmen game is also similar to SimCity buildit, but this game has different in its theme, townsmen game have Viking old village theme.

In this game, players need to make a huge empire from the small cute village and protect his village.  There is no any trading between players in the game. Players need to create an empire and take care of the citizens and save this empire from the other invaders only.

The townsmen game is created by HandyGames. The player can build the best village and become the king of an amazing and hilarious village. Players need to solve the problem of the villagers and take correct decisions to them.

The creators of the game allow the user to create an army to protect the empire and train your army troopers to face some big natural and artificial disasters in the village.

The graphics of the game is very cute and beautiful in-short attractive. There are dozens of towns and diverse productive buildings to control. The king of the village will collect the taxes from the village for protecting them.

Forgiving the realistic effect to the game they will add all type of weather seasons in the game.

Remember that your village needs at least some required amount of people for running it smoothly.  create a huge and big village to make it run clear.

Earn gold coins, the gold coins in the game is very important to you can expand your village. All the basic services are also gain by the gold coins.

Prestige money is the premium currency of the townsmen game this also more important than gold coins, these coins will make your village expand as well as strong than other.

Handle balance in the all basic necessaries in the village. Stay focus on the farms for food to villagers.

Taken as a whole, the game is very joyful for the simulation loving gamers.

Townsmen game is downloaded more than 10 million times on Google play store. You can purchase its premium version of play store with real money. The premium version of the townsmen will open more new features for you.

  1. Shipwrecked: castaway island

Shipwrecked: Castaway Island is a wonderful game created by RockYou Inc. Games. This game is downloaded by more than 10 million peoples from play store, and more than 3 hundred thousand peoples give amazing ratings to the game.

Most of the people give 5 out of 5 ratings to the game and share their good experience of the game in reviews section like this game have very a great idea and have amazing graphics with an excellent story. Google play store has given 4.4 ratings to this game.

The shipwrecked game is base on the pirate’s theme and these pirates theme is the main attraction of the game for gamers. In this game, you are not the mayor or not a king of the town; you are a superhero of the town.

You are the hero of the castaway island and you need to create a town on this island, where you need to create your own facilities for folks of the citizens and for you.

The player can make royal houses and buildings with your swords and axe. Find and crack the treasure for big and huge rewards. There are also some mini-games or quests, and weekly challenges in the game, all these small things will entertain you lots.

Developers of the game will add a good feature to the game; players can play or compete some social team challenges and win huge rewards. The authors of the game will state that this game no and hacks.

  1. City Island 3 – building sim: little too big town

Sparkling society is the creator of the city island game. This game is really very satisfying game for the gamers. City Island 3 is downloaded by 10,000,000 peoples from the Google play store and total 2.93 hundred thousand people has given excellent ratings to the game.

The user …